Our Code of Ethics
Ansar bank dominant values are as follows:
1. Operational obligation to the basics and principles of Islam.
2. Behavior based on Islamic economy with the goal of gaining legal profit for shareholders and
3. Diligence and propagation of Gharzolhassane custom.
4. Regarding the Islamic ethics and truthfully dealing with customers by two criteria of honesty
and banking expertise
5. Offering sincere services to customers (both to those who participated in holy defense and
devoted their lives and other people) with superiority in doing services.
6. Maintaining and elevating human dignity of the staff
The other features of Ansar bank are: keeping and expanding market shares, increasing
profitability, keeping beneficiaries' interests and dehiscence of national economy by absorbing
deposits. Also Ansar bank put the allocation of optimum financial sources as one of its goals.
Ansar bank also considers its employee (interior customers) as the most valuable assets and
 their satisfaction, growth and development are the cause of our success.