Organization Chart





In line with the pursuing of financial and banking policies and with the purpose of making Ansar
bank more efficient, dynamic and liable and building transparency, and public confidence, the followings
would be put on the top of Ansar bank priority.

1. Completely acting based on rules and regulations to adjust the relationship between the
bank and depositors
2. Exactly calculating deposit and facilities, interests based on real performance
3. Granting facilities
4. Facilitating deals and exchanges
5. Joining in SHETAB system
6. Establishing computer network infrastructures
7. Presenting official services
8. Holding necessary trainings for both employees and customers in order to have better and
more mutual agreement in establishing without-usury banking rules
9. Employing financial management system and modern liquidity
10. Appropriately managing debts and assets and covering risk
11. Establishing the appropriate interior control system based on expected facilities