The Bank Board of Deputies who cooperate Managing Directors and Board of Directors in implementing the Bank performance programs.



  1. Yahya Foroutan, Board Member , and Vice Managing Director                              
  2. Sadrolah Chamak , Deputy for Planning and Strategic Leading                               
  3. Reza Zade, Deputy for Information and Communication Technology
  4. Hormatollah Reza Zade , Jurisprudential Affairs Office        
  5. Gholam Reza Fathali , Deputy for Finance                                               
  6. Mohammadreza Fahmi , Deputy for Economic and Enterprises Community
  7. Hossein Mojahedi, Deputy for Credit                                                   
  8. Hassan Nazari, Deputy for Training and Human Resources
  9. Reza Sahranavard, General Legal Department                         
  10. Seyed Hamid Khaleghi, General Department of Marketing and Advertisement
  11. SeyedAlireza Seyed Madani, Board Member and Deputy for Logistics and Engineering
  12. EbrahimMohammadi, Board Member and Deputy for Monitoring and Inspection