Banking services
When starting its activities, Ansar Bank according to its present abilities and capacities put the
following banking services on the top of its agenda.
Issuance of various types of L/Gs
presentment of F.X. services and electronic banking


Some of the Bank's activities go as follows:

In its first year of activities regarding issuance of various types of L/Gs, Ansar Bank has taken
the required measures and in the oncoming years the income of the implementation of these
services will for sure be created.
F.X. services
In regard with the banking license No. 1 which is limited in banking operations, the status of
Ansar Bank's F.X. services is described in the following table:


Electronic banking services
In this area including the use of mobile and immobile ATM, immediate issuance of gift and plastic
card, SMS banking, internet banking, SATNA, SHABA, phone banking, and other electronic
payment tools, Ansar Bank is completely equipped and is applying the most recent and advanced
instrument in this field.
The status of electronic banking index, number, and the composition of the issued cards in
Ansar Bank at the end of the year 2010 is shown in the following tables.

The volume of investments of Ansar Bank in its affiliated companies at the date ending 20/3/2011
is shown as follows:

Table of Danayan Pars Investment Company's portfolio for the fiscal year ended 20/3/2011 is
shown in the following table:

The most significant under-construction projects of Iranian Atlas Investment Company are
shown in the following table: